Looking for the best reusable coffee cups? Want a handy, stylish travel mug? Here's our round-up of the best coffee cups from ceramic travel mugs to stainless steel coffee cups, to help do your bit for the environment and cut down on waste. It's the perfect companion to bring on a winter walk.


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Best reusable coffee cups at a glance

  • Best versatile reusable coffee cup: Chilly's series 2 double-wall insulated travel coffee cup, £32
  • Best reusable coffee cup with handle: Thermos stainless steel mug, £28
  • Best spill-safe cup: TOPL cup, £29
  • Best customisable coffee cup: frank green, £25.99
  • Best high-tech reusable coffee cup: Contigo west loop autoseal travel mug, £39.10
  • Best eco-friendly coffee cup: Chilled Indigo reusable coffee cup, £22.95
  • Best branded reusable coffee cup: Grind bamboo reusable coffee cup, £8
  • Best budget reusable coffee cup: Huski Home rice husk travel cup, £11.99
  • Best glass reusable coffee cup: KeepCup brew cork coffee cup, £24
  • Best cup for insulation: Bodum travel mug, £28
  • Best durable coffee cup: Circular&Co reusable coffee cup, £15.99

Best reusable coffee cups to buy 2024

Chilly's series 2 double-wall insulated travel coffee cup, 340ml

Chilly's cup

Best versatile reusable coffee cup

Chilly's stylish coffee cup keeps coffee hot for up to four hours (or smoothies and chilled drinks cold for up to six hours) on your home office desk or morning commute. Using advanced double-wall vacuum technology, the cup is made of powder-coated high-grade stainless steel to keep drinks at the right temperature for longer and to preserve the flavour and freshness of its contents.

The cup comes with a rotating lock mechanism and a non-slip silicone base that creates a very tight seal; this prevents leaks, but it's not fully leakproof at very high temperatures or if the cup is fully inverted or shaken.

Available from:
Chilly's (from £32)

Thermos guardian stainless steel travel mug, 530ml

Thermos coffee cup

Best reusable coffee cup with handle

Swap single-use cups for this understated travel mug, featuring an integrated mug handle with a soft touch grip. Perfect for coffee drinkers on the go, this 530ml travel mug is made from stainless steel and comes vacuum-insulated with an easy to use slide lock lid, keeping cold for 14 hours and hot for 5 hours.

TOPL cup, 12oz


Best spill-safe cup

TOPL's spill-safe technology positions this cup above many of the reusable cups we’ve come across – the ‘smart’ lid regulates flow so you can sip and stroll minus splashes, with a moulded 360 lip so you can sip from any angle, just like drinking from a mug. There's also the option to personalise your cup for an extra £10.

More like this

Available from:
Topl (£29)
Amazon (£29)

frank green ceramic reusable cup, from 230ml

frank green

Best customisable coffee cup

Frank Green reusable cups come in four different sizes and a vast array of colours to choose from, plus the option to further customise by choosing different colours for the base, button lid and button. Choose from a button or straw for spill- and leak-resistant opening.

Available from:
frank green (£25.99)

Contigo west loop autoseal travel mug, 470ml

The Contigo West Loop Autoseal Travel Mug in black

Best high-tech reusable coffee cup

Contigo's bestselling reusable travel mug is designed with travellers and commuters in mind, featuring auto seal technology which automatically seals between sips to prevent leaks and spills. The lid-lock prevents the auto seal button from accidentally being pushed while on-the-go, so you can travel and sip with confidence. It keeps drinks hot for up to five hours and cold to 12 hours.

Chilled Indigo reusable coffee cup, 12oz


Best eco-friendly coffee cup

Made from discarded coffee grounds, this lightweight cup boasts a stylish earthy colour and makes a great accessory for design-led coffee lovers. The dark outer shell is made using coffee grounds, beechwood fibres, and other renewable resources. The robust cup is dishwasher-safe, plus the thick grippy matte exterior means you won't burn your fingers when it's filled with hot drinks.

Grind bamboo reusable coffee cup, 12oz

Grind's pastel pink reusable coffee cup

Best branded reusable coffee cup

Grind's reusable coffee cup with a black silicone lid and holder is the same size as the large takeaway cups the coffee company uses in all its London locations. Made from organically sourced bamboo in its signature pink shade, it's completely compostable and biodegradable, so you can sip in sustainable style.

Available from:
Grind (£8)

Huski Home rice husk travel cup, 400ml

Huski Home Rice Husk Travel Cup

Best budget reusable coffee cup

Weaning yourself off takeaway cups? Huski's 400ml eco-friendly travel cup offers a sustainable way of drinking your coffee on-the-go, with material made from recycled rice husk and a completely leakproof flip top lid. It's a brilliant option for those on a budget, too.

Available from:
Huski Home (£13.99)

KeepCup brew cork coffee cup, 12oz

Brew cork almond

Best glass reusable coffee cup

This simple, functional cup is made from durable tempered soda lime glass, with a protective recycled cork band. Even with piping-hot coffee inside it was easy to hold and retained heat well. The sipping lid was a little fiddlier than other brands we tried.

Bodum travel mug, 120z

Bodum travel mug

Best cup for insulation

If you’re looking to upgrade from your current vacuum-insulated cup, Bodum’s practical travel mug is a quality pick for transporting hot drinks. Made of high-quality stainless steel, plastic, rubber and silicone, it features an insulated double-wall system and an exterior which stays cool when the contents are piping hot.

Available from:
Bodum (£28)

Circular&Co reusable coffee cup, 12oz

Black and mustard rCup

Best durable coffee cup

This stylish and affordable model is the world's first 100% leakproof reusable cup made from used single-use paper cups. Designed for 10 years of use, Circular&Co reusable coffee cup is 100% recyclable with a nifty open-and-close button and 360° rim to drink from. It keeps your drink hot or cold for 60-90 minutes.

Available from:
Waterstones (£15.99)


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