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When buying oranges, make sure the skin feels oily – a fingernail dragged along the skin should burst the surface, releasing an orange zest aroma. Oranges’ sweetness also lends a zesty note to dressings, smoothies and even soups. You can also use the peel to infuse oils, alcohol and sugar.

Best orange recipes

Seville orange chicken

A summery way to serve chicken, Sabrina Ghayour's Seville-inspired dish calls for smoked sweet paprika, cumin seeds and oranges three ways: juice, zest and wedges.

Cumin, orange and paprika chicken

Orange marmalade

This classic marmalade recipe is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in your warm kitchen and use up a glut of oranges. Adding lemon juice at the end gives a little extra zing to cut through all that sugar.

Three jars of open marmalade with a spoon on the side

Carrot and orange soup

That's one seriously orange soup! Blitz six simple ingredients together to make a vibrant, low-calorie lunch.

Orange and carrot soup

Fennel-stuffed sea bream with orange oil

Serve this stunning seasonal dish on a citrusy, refreshing bed of fennel for a dinner party centrepiece.

Roast fennel-stuffed bream with fennel seed and orange oil

Brioche doughnuts

Orange zest and juice is used to make these doughnuts that are slathered in a butterscotch sauce. This recipe comes from Riding House Café in London.

A white oval dish filled with sugar-coated doughnuts and a pot of sauce on a wooden table

Sprouts with ginger and orange

This is a great way to spruce up your sprouts. The orange and ginger adds a nice fiery sweetness and blanching them for just 3-4 minutes means they have just the right amount of bite.

Brussels Sprouts Recipe With Ginger And Orange

Chocolate, orange and almond shortbreads

Our indulgent shortbread studded with almonds, chocolate and candied orange peel is the perfect accompaniment to that cuppa.

Chocolate Orange Shortbread Recipe With Almonds

Orange, pecan and cannellini salad

Persian cooking guru Sabrina Ghayour knows how to throw a party. Pair this gluten free, low calorie zingy salad with some of her other easy recipes (such as her lamb kofta puffs with tahini and tomato sauce or spiced cod frittas with harissa honey dip) to create an impressive sharing spread.

Cannellini Bean Salad Recipe with Orange And Raisins

Chocolate orange pots

These olive oil chocolate pots with orange and sea salt are seriously creamy and indulgent. They're super simple to make and are a great dinner party dessert.

Chocolate Orange Pots Recipe with Sea Salt

Orange drizzle cake

The orange in this cake shows up sweetly but subtly, making it a wonderful alternative to the lemon drizzle cake.

An orange drizzle cake loaf on a cake stand with a slice of cake on a separate plate topped with a dollop of cream

Spanish flan with orange and cinnamon

This flan is a baked custard with a slightly richer, denser, more velvety texture than its more familiar cousin, the crème caramel. The combination of caramel, orange zest and cinnamon is irresistible.

Spanish Flan Recipe

Sicilian fennel and orange salad

A crunchy Italian fennel salad with a citrus dressing. Serve as it is or add strips of smoked fish for a simple summery lunch or a starter for 4.

Sicilian Salad Recipe

Orange sorbet with basil

The addition of basil rounds out the orange flavour in this refreshing sorbet. With just three ingredients it couldn't be simpler, and there's no need for an ice cream maker.

Orange Sorbet Recipe

Frozen orange and mango smoothie

Orange, mango and banana smoothie: the best way to help meet your 5 a day. It's also the perfect way to get cooking with the kids and get more fruit into their diet. Why not treat yourself to a glass after dinner, or even for breakfast?

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