Looking for the best vegetable salad recipes? Our easy vegetarian salads include caesar salad recipes, potato salads and green salads. We have plenty of ideas for vegan salads, too, including turmeric roasted cauliflower.


Salads make a great side dish or main course and add colour to your plate, not to mention a good dose of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Vegetarian salads are full of flavour and texture, and all that fibre from grains, vegetables and beans provides plenty of fibre to support your microbiome and digestive system. Topping with proteins such as egg, cheese or nuts and seeds also ensures a good, balanced meal as well as getting additional nutrients such as calcium and zinc, which are important for bone health and immune health.

Next, check out more salad recipes, healthy no cook recipes try our healthy salad recipes. Or for low-cost vegetarian meals, check out our budget vegetarian recipes. Then discover our recipes with semolina.

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Easy vegetarian salad recipes

Grilled halloumi salad

Try this halloumi salad as a side dish at your next barbecue, or serve it as a vegetarian main.

A salad of grilled halloumi, courgette ribbons and cherry tomatoes

Halloumi and watermelon salad

Warm, salty halloumi goes brilliantly here with sweet watermelon and fresh mint – ideal for a BBQ side dish.

Halloumi and watermelon salad

Caprese salad

This caprese salad, with sweet tomatoes and creamy mozzarella, is full of fresh Mediterranean flavours and simple to whip up. Serve it with bread as a light, summery lunch, or as a side dish at dinner.

White plate filled with sliced tomatoes, sliced mozzarella and basil leaves, next to a board of sliced bread and some spare plates

Roasted courgette, chickpea and lemon salad

Check out this quick and easy vegan salad recipe with roasted courgettes and crunchy chickpeas tossed in punchy harissa. It's ready in 20 minutes and low in calories too.

Roasted courgette salad with chickpeas on a white plate

Tex Mex-style sweetcorn salad

Sweet, crunchy, creamy and zingy – this vibrant salad is an explosion of flavours and textures. It's great served as a BBQ side or on its own with warm pittas for scooping.

Crunchy Tex Mex-style sweetcorn salad

Turmeric roasted cauliflower salad

Our roasted cauliflower salad with turmeric is low in calories and packed with nutrients. Turmeric adds lovely colour and earthy spice to this filling dish.

Vegan salad recipe with roasted cauliflower

Healthy bean salad

Ready in just 20 minutes, this colourful salad is packed with green beans, kidney beans and cannellini beans, and comes finished with a green tahini dressing.

Healthy bean salad with green tahini dressing

Coronation chickpea and apple salad

Make this classic lunch favourite vegetarian by replacing the chicken with chickpeas. Refreshing, crunchy and filling, this easy salad is ready in just 20 minutes.

Coronation salad recipe with chickpea and apple

Courgette and chimichurri salad

Make the most of fresh green beans and courgettes while they're in season by tossing them in a zingy chimichurri dressing, then crumble over salty feta for a nourishing lunch.

Courgette salad with chimichurri

Grains, greens and beans salad with pesto dressing

On the table in 15 minutes, this nutritious salad is packed with greens and tossed in fresh pesto. Beans, nuts and broccoli add fibre, protein and good fats.

Easy grain salad recipe with pesto dressing

Cauliflower, walnut and apple salad

Thinly sliced cauliflower florets, cubed apples, raisins, toasted walnuts and a quick mustard dressing come together to make a crunchy, wholesome salad.

A cauliflower salad with parsley and apple cubes

Roast pumpkin salad

Roasting pumpkin, onion and chickpeas with spices gives them a fantastic depth of flavour. Add kale, feta and herby tahini dressing and you've got yourself a delicious dinner.

Roast pumpkin salad with chickpeas on two white plates

Roast vegetable salad with kale pesto

Combine roasted veg with mixed with grains and a nutty kale pesto to make this easy, impressive vegetarian salad. The leftovers pack up well for lunch the next day.

A grey background with a white platter, topped with roasted vegetables, grains and a green dressing

Greek salad

Master this classic and you'll never be stuck for a delicious lunch. The key to an authentic Greek flavour is plenty of oregano and red wine vinegar. Enjoy with toasted pittas.

Greek salad

Miso roasted cauliflower, avocado and lentil salad

Fibre-rich cauliflower is roasted in a miso dressing – also filled with probiotics – and turned into a rustic salad with pickled onions and lentils. It's delicious and great for your gut.

A platter topped with roasted cauliflower, lentils and slices of avocado

Pasta salad with bocconcini, capers and tomatoes

Take your pasta salad to the next level by using bocconcini, a wonderfully frilly pasta shape, and adding sweet diced tomatoes and mozzarella cheese balls.

Two bowls filled with pasta, roast tomatoes, basil and mozzarella

Vegetarian caesar salad

This crispy chickpea and kale caesar salad is a great healthy twist on a classic. You can also eat the crispy chickpeas as a snack.

Vegetarian caesar salad recipe

Crunchy veg and smoked tofu salad with sesame dressing

Try our vibrant crunchy salad with crispy golden tofu and dressed, thinly sliced vegetables. This quick dish is perfect for warm summer nights. If you're really hungry, you could add some cooked and chilled rice noodles.

Smoked tofu salad recipe with sesame dressing and veg

Thai-style peanut noodle salad with herbs and watermelon

Ready in 20 minutes, this vibrant vegan salad is packed with juicy watermelon and crunchy peanuts. The sweet-salty combo is delicious.

Thai Peanut Noodle Salad Recipe with Watermelon and Herbs

Fattoush with crisp spiced chickpeas

A vibrant, summery salad that combines chickpeas with herby pitta croutons, radishes, tomatoes, sumac and a pomegranate molasses dressing. A colourful veggie dish.

Fattoush with crisp spiced chickpeas

Farro, grilled peach and pecan salad

The grilled peaches in this recipe deliver a satisfying sweetness, balanced by the zing of lime-pickled shallots and the smoky nuttiness of toasted pecans.

Grilled peach salad With pecans and farro

Burrata and tomato salad

Everything is better with burrata, especially tomato salad. Serve this with toasted ciabatta, for scooping up every last bit of the juicy tomatoes and creamy cheese.

A white oval platter filled with burrata, olives and tomato salad on a whitewashed wooden background

Cauliflower couscous salad

Roasting cauliflower gives it a subtle sweetness that works with with crispy fried onions and a punchy zhoug dressing. Combine with giant couscous for a filling lunch or dinner.

Roasted cauliflower and couscous salad with zhoug and crispy shallots

Roasted sweet potato and freekeh salad with harissa-yogurt dressing

Freekeh is a lovely, nutty grain and it's easy to prepare. Here, we've combined it with roasted sweet potato and a tangy-spicy dressing.

Roasted sweet potato recipe with freekeh grain salad

Broad bean, peach and fennel salad

For a summer side salad, try this medley of broad beans, thinly sliced peaches, fennel, fresh basil and courgette, dressed in a lemony red chilli dressing. It's light, low fat and tasty.

Broad bean, peach and fennel salad

Warm lentil, avocado and feta salad

This simple salad recipe is packed with crunchy cucumber, crumbly feta and fresh basil. Avocado and warm lentils add plenty of protein, good fats and fibre.

Lentil and avocado salad recipe with feta

Grilled melon caprese salad

This grilled melon caprese salad is a great starter for the summer months. This works well with watermelons, too, just swap the mozzarella for feta, and sprinkle with a few oregano leaves and rocket.

Grilled melon caprese salad

Super storecupboard salad

This salad is perfect for a speedy supper as it uses ingredients you may already have in your kitchen. It's ready in just 15 minutes and under 300 calories. It serves 4, but you can always have leftovers for lunch.

Super storecupboard salad

Middle Eastern roast carrot salad with herby carrot top yogurt

Make sure nothing goes to waste with this spiced roast carrot salad recipe with zesty yogurt. The carrot tops are blitzed with yogurt to make a tasty dressing.

Carrot salad with herb yogurt

Chickpea, pepper and bulgar wheat salad

Everyone needs a failsafe chickpea salad in their repertoire. Make our colourful recipe for a nutritious lunch and pack up the leftovers for the next day.

Chickpea salad recipe with bulgar wheat

Gochujang roast sweet potato with mixed grain salad

Wedges of caramelised, roast sweet potato and mixed grains make this a filling salad. Slices of radish and cucumber keep it fresh, and a punchy Korean dressing brings it all together.

Sweet potato salad recipe with mixed grains

Italian deli salad

This Italian deli-inspired salad is super-quick and really easy to make. Most of the ingredients will already be in your storecupboard, making a good summer lunch.

Italian deli salad recipe

Ethiopian salata dakwa

This Ethiopian salad makes a great side to spicier dishes, thanks to the creamy peanut butter dressing. Add hard-boiled eggs to make it a more filling dish.

Mixing bowl of Ethiopian salata dakwa salad with a wooden spoon next to a bowl of lemon wedges and dressing

Green bean, tomato and artichoke salad

This delicious, healthy, salad is packed with flavour featuring artichoke hearts, olives and green beans. Serve drizzled with a dressing of Dijon mustard and red wine vinegar.

Artichoke salad with green beans and tomatoes recipe

Roast radish and peanut salad

Try this vibrant combination of radish, cucumber and spring onion, dressed in a rich soy, peanut and honey glaze.

Large plate of radishes, peanuts, cucumber, tomato and spring onions

Walnuts, wild rice and winter green salad

Walnuts, wild rice and winter greens combine to make this colourful salad. It's great if you're feeling in need of a hit of nutrients.

Winter green salad recipe with rice and walnuts

Moroccan cauliflower salad

Make cauliflower shine by roasting florets with ras el hanout then toss with dried cranberries, dates, nuts and pomegranate seeds. Drizzle with a tahini and mint dressing and you've got yourself a wholesome veggie dish.

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Moroccan cauliflower salad

Smoked aubergine, pepper and walnut salad with pomegranate

You may have seen this smoked aubergine dish in restaurants, try making it at home. Serve as a meze-style lunch with flatbreads for scooping.

Smoked aubergine salad recipe with pomegranates

Feta, baby kale and beet fattoush

Our take on fattoush salad combines kale with salty feta and earthy beetroot for an easy dinner that's vegetarian and ready in under 30 minutes.

Fattoush Salad Recipe with Kale

Healthy panzanella

Enjoy this hearty and healthy panzanella, featuring crispy bread, juicy veg and a piquant dressing – perfect for a wholesome autumnal dinner.

Panzanella salad

Orange, pecan and cannellini salad with sautéed fennel and golden raisins

Persian chef Sabrina Ghayour knows how to throw a party. Pair this gluten-free, low-calorie, zingy salad with some of her other easy recipes (such as her lamb kofta puffs with tahini and tomato sauce or spiced cod fritters with harissa honey dip) to create an impressive sharing spread.

Cannellini bean salad recipe with orange and raisins

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